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Top Resources (each leads to many more resources) General Conference Talks about Children Stories, Activities, and Media for Children Poetry for Children

General Resources

A Prayer For Children

Children's Booklist by Topics (Working With Others, etc)

Children's Booklist

Helping Hands

Questions to Ask Your Children

Quotes about Children

Stories for Children

Fun Children's Links

Billy Bear's Playground  (games, etc.)

Book of Mormon Animated Story about Christ's Birth

Bubble blowing - recipes, game, etc. - Bubble Solutions

Color your Initial--fancy embellished alphabet letters to copy and color (fun learning games earn rice for the hungry)

Free Worksheets

Fun learning games   (pre-school, kindergarten)    (Meddybemps)

Homemade Fun - Recipes for sidewalk chalk, bubbles, fingerpaint, playdough

Kids Links - Science, etc.

Making a Pinata 

Online Stories (books read to children)

Printable Paper Dolls (free)

Puzzlemaker Site

Rainy Day Recess Online Activities

Rainy Day Resource Page

Friend Magazine

Games and Activities

Funstuff: Board Games and Games
Funstuff: Hidden Pictures
Funstuff: Jokes, Riddles, Quizzes
Funstuff: Math and Logic Puzzles
Funstuff: Mazes and Matching Games
Funstuff: Odds ‘n’ Ends
Funstuff: Scripture Activities
Funstuff: Visual Funstuffs
Funstuff: Word Puzzles

Christmas Activities

Baker's Play Dough for making tree ornaments

Connect the Dots Nativity Picture to print

Filling the manger by good deeds, secret acts for someone ideas

Make boxes from old Christmas cards, calendars, etc.

Nativity Scene to print and color

Pics and Quotes

Child Quote

Child Quote

Child Quote

Child Quote

Child Quote

Child Quote

Child Quote

Child Quote

Child Quote