Stories for Children

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From "The Friend" Magazine

"Brother Piper's Pie"  (Honesty, Lying)

"Zack's Thanksgiving Tradition"  (Helping, Traditions)

"Mr. Greevey's Pumpkins"  (Service, Helping Others)

"Mike's Magnificent Melon"  (work, responsibility, following-through)

"House Full of Heroes" (IDEA: make cape with "H" on it--give cape and copy of story for children's birthday parties or for Christmas gifts)

"Claire and the Talent Show" (story about having no talent to share)

"Choosing Sides" (choosing right over wrong)

"Choosing Sides" (story of boys being chosen last in gym class)

"Danny's Own Lion's Den"  (dealing with a bully at school)

"Why, It's Your Birthday, Bear!"   (animal story of friendship and sharing)

"Valentine's Day?  Gruuump!"  (animal story about friendship)

"The Wise Son"

"Fireworks and a New Bike"  (about gaining a testimony/lessons learned from the scriptures)

"Sunshine Club" (children helping others)

Sharing Time: Happy Heart (giving thanks to the Lord)

"Pockets Full of Rocks" -New Era  (teaching forgiveness, etc.)

Stories with a Moral

"The Emperor's Seed"  (teaches honesty & integrity)

Library of Congress Website of Aesop Fables for Children

"The Fisherman and His Wife"  (story of greed, never being satisfied with what you have)

"The Miller, His Son, and Their Donkey" (You can't please everyone)

Children's Booklist created by an Elementary School Counselor for helping children dealing with various problems

Stories about Kindness

"The Golden Goose" 

"The Golden Goose"  (Grimm Brothers version)

"The Lion and the Mouse"

"The Lion and the Mouse"  -  site with story, coloring page, crafts & puppets for story, etc.