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General Resources

Dad Held the Rope  (story of a small boy's trust in his father) - David O. McKay

"Developing Faith in Christ" - by President Merrill Bateman

Drought in Samoa (experience shared by Thomas S. Monson)

Grandma's Cake

Prime the pump or drink the water (desert story)

"The End from the Beginning"

The Gardener and the Currant Bush - by Hugh B. Brown

The Gardener and the Currant Bush - (Video of the Story)

"Two Traveling Angels"



Quotes (LDS Daily WOOL)

Quotes about Faith without Works

Quotes on the Faith of our Fathers (LDS Daily WOOL)

Quotes about Fear (LDS Daily WOOL)

General Conference Talks

"Building Bridges to Faith" - Loren C. Dunn

"Help Thou Mine Unbelief" - Elder L. Whitney Clayton

"The Lord Leads His Church" - Henry B. Eyring

"The Spark of Faith" - Henry B. Eyring

"Trust In The Lord" - Richard G. Scott

BYU Speeches

"According to Thy Faith..." - David Bednar - Ricks College Devotional

"An Untroubled Faith" - James E. Faust

"Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ" - Gene R. Cook

"Love is Not Blind: Some Thoughts for College Students on Faith and..." - Bruce C. Hafen

Other Talks and Articles

A Deeper Dimension of Trust in the Lord: "In the Shadow of Thy Wings"

"Faith of a Child" - Thomas S. Monson - Presidency Message - Ensign

“Faith: The Essence of True Religion” - Gordon B. Hinckley - Ensign,


Faith without Works

Let Go and Let God...

Mary and Her Father at the Well - (a little girl's trust in her father)

The Plan of the Master Weaver

The Road of Life

Unfolding the Rosebud


Lessons from Church Manuals

"Faith in Jesus Christ" - Priesthood Manual

"Faith: The Foundation of All Righteousness" (Joseph F. Smith)

Mormon Ads and New Era Posters

"Faith without Works"

"How do you punctuate the Gospel?"

Mormonads on Faith

FHE Lessons and Other Sources for Children

"Faith" (

"Faith of the Saints" (PDF)

"Fan the Flame of your Faith" (

"My Faith in Christ Can Grow" - FHE Resource Book

Books and CDs

"Faith is Not Blind" (2018) - Bruce & Marie Hafen (4 CDs)

Pics and Quotes

Faith Quote

Faith Quote

Faith Quote

Faith Quote

Faith Quote

Faith Quote

Faith Quote

Faith Quote

Faith Quote

Faith Quote