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General Resources

3 Key Things - James E. Faust

Family Home Evening Charts and Ideas -

Family Home Evening Helps (link to

Family Home Evening Ideas, Games, Lessons, Treats, Activities (link to

Handout on Six Steps to Better Family Home Evenings (from

I'm Thankful for You - April 2001 Ensign, p. 71 (idea for activity- Scroll down)

Helping Hands (idea for children at home or Primary

Moral Stories website

Personal experience shared by Janet Scharman at BYU Dev., Dec. 1, 1998

Pinterest LDS Family Home Evening Ideas

FHE Lessons

Family Home Evening Lessons - (over 100 printable PDFs by topic)

Family Home Evening Lessons

Funtastic Family Home (free inspirational lds stories, videos, lessons, etc.)

LDS Family Home Evening Lessons Scriptures (many lessons with video clips stories. Lessons can be printed as PDFs)

Lesson on Honoring and Obeying Parents

The Orange Analogy

Thirty plus FHE ideas for Teens (

Promises for holding FHE

Promises for holding FHE (from Prophets in early FHE manuals) new view

Promises for holding FHE (from early and later Prophets) former view



Quotes (LDS Daily WOOL)

Stories that Teach

Stories for Children (that teach a good lesson)

General Conference Talks on Family Home Evening

Family Home Evening - James A. Cullimore - October 1975

Therefore, I Was Taught,  L. Tom Perry,  Gen. Conf.,  April 2, 1994, Priesthood Session

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Family Home Evening ideas (napkin rings & timer) - Ensign

"Family Home Evening" - President Gordon B. Hinckley - Ensign

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"Family Home Evening: Counsel and a Promise" - Ensign

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Family Home Evening Ideas to get Kids Excited about Family History - Meridian Magazine

Fathers and Family Home Evening:  A Case in Point  -  February 1974 Ensign

Great Home Evenings - A Tale of Two Families  -  Dec. 2000 Ensign

Home Evening--Fun for all Ages July 1982 Ensign Article.

Looking for a Family Home Evening Lesson?  -  July 1999 Ensign

Strengthening the Family through Family Home Evening - Priesthood Manual

"Successful Family Home Evenings," Ensign, June 2003, 7

100 Years of Family Home Evening - April 2015 Ensign