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General Conference

"The Golden Years" - Boyd K. Packer (Value the old folks for what they Are, not just what they can Do)

General Resources

"Grandma's Cake"

"Grandparents are often the tie that binds in troubled families" - (Deseret News)

"Grandparents--ties that bind" -  ( Deseret News)

Grandparent Articles from Deseret News

"Importance of Grandparents to their Grandchildren" - BYU Forever Families website

"Shmily - See How Much I Love You" (Chicken Soup for the Soul)

"Understanding and Enjoying Time with Grandchildren"   BYU Forever Families Site

"Being the "Link" Between Your Grandchildren and their Ancestors" - Linda and Richard Eyre





Additional Articles "Helping Grandparents with Disabilities"

Mormon Ads

"Get Yourself into a Tight Squeeze"

Church Manuals

Lesson: Value of Personal stories of Ancestors

Family Home Evening

Children's Page (games, links, activities)

"Our Extended Family" ( FHE Resource Book)

Stories for Children:  (IDEA:  Children love to receive mail.  Send them a good story with a moral.  If they live close by, put on a play stamp--those magazine stamps we receive sheets of--give the letters to the parents to slip in with the mail on a day when the child might need a lift.)

Story: "Nine lepers and a thank you note" (remembering to thank grandparents for their gift)