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Healings and Miracles in the Latter Days

Bike-Wind true story

The Camp Miracle

"Classic Discourses from the General Authorities: Miracles" - by Matthew Cowley - BYU Dev. and also in New Era

"David led the Way" - Ensign (miraculous healing in Chili Antofagasta Mission)

Fasting in the Hospital  -  (excerpt from Pres. Monson - Gen. Conf.)

Gift of Healing - Wilford Woodruff (many healings in Montrose by J. Smith & others)

Glimpse of Glory - H. Burke Peterson

He Threw Away His Cane

Healing a child through Fasting & Prayer (Lorenzo Snow as a young Missionary in Italy)

Healing at the Luzern Opera House with a Priesthood blessing-- Richard Cracroft - BYU Dev.

Matthew Cowley tells of the power of fasting

Miracles" - Dallin H. Oaks  - Ensign

Missionary Miracles - Boyd K. Packer

"My Life Has Changed" (package stolen from woman--thief read BofM--was converted)

Robert William's Miracle

She Threw Off Her Bandages