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Quotes (LDS Daily WOOL)

Quotes on Priorities with large printable PDF

BYU Speeches

"Eternal Priorities" - Victor L. Brown

"For Success in Life" - Richard G. Scott

"Identity, Priority, and Blessings" - Russell M. Nelson (good)

"Keep Priorities Balanced" - L. Tom Perry - BYU Graduation 2013

"Prophetic Priorities" - Richard G. Hinckley

"Prophetic Priorities" - Elaine S. Dalton - 2013

"What do You envision in Life? - 2014

General Resources

"A Personal Interview with the Savior" - Pres. David O. McKay

Big Rocks

Lessons in Church Manuals

"Priorities and Balance" Eternal Marriage Student Manual

"Using Time Wisely" - YW Manual

Additional Articles

"Be a Defender of the Family" - March 2012 New Era

"Keeping Your Life in Balance" - Sept. 2012 New Era

"One Step at a Time" - Jan. 2015 New Era

"Personal Time Management: One Key to a Leader's Effectiveness"

"Setting Priorities" - Jan. 2008 Liahona

"Study the Scriptures" - Richard G. Scott - Jan. 2015 New Era

"The Sabbath: A Personal Priority" - March 2009 New Era

Mormonads and New Era Posters

"Are You a Missing Person?"

"Christmas Presence"

"Love is Blind"


"Some things can't wait"

"Spend Time Wisely"

"Spread Thin?"


"Uncover Buried Treasure"

FHE Lessons

"Priorities" (FHE Resource Book -

"Priorities" (DeseretBook/LDSLiving) - PDF

"Priorities" - 2 (DeseretBook/LDSLiving) - PDF