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Top Resources (each leads to many more resources) All General Conference Talks on the Sabbath Gospel Topic of the Sabbath Resources for teaching Children about the Sabbath

Scriptures / Encyclopedia

Encyclopedia of Mormonism: Sabbath Guide to the Scriptures on the Sabbath

General Resources

A letter that was sent to the LDS Teen list

"Church Leaders Call for Better Observance of Sabbath Day" - Mormon News Room (plus video with church leaders)

Church Leaders continue to emphasize Sabbath day observance - Deseret News

Contest between two farmers - short story told by Dean L. Larsen, BYU Fireside

Eli Herring Story (refers to Sandy Koufax story below)

Henry B. Eyring tells of his father's teaching, when Henry was a child & bored in Sacrament Meeting.

Just This Once

"Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy" - Ezra Taft Benson (short excerpt) Making A Sabbath Day Plan

"No Excuse" Sunday

"Overcoming Worldliness" - Mark E. Peterson - Conf. excerpt

President Monson's story about a man walking rather than buying gas on the Sabbath

Raymond story - newspaper boy - Gene R. Cook - from BYU Dev.

Russell M. Nelson shares his reflections about the Sabbath Day

Sandy Koufax

Story shared by Richard G. Scott at a BYU Dev.

"The Lord's Day" - James E. Faust, excerpt from Oct. 1991 Gen. Conf.

"The Sabbath Day" - Elder Mark E. Peterson, excerpt from Gen. Conf.

The Unforgettable Summer

Where Is The City?

"Why are we commanded to Keep the Sabbath Day Holy?" - John Hilton, III

"Church Leaders Call for Better Observance of Sabbath Day" - 15 July 2015 Church News


Quotes 1

Quotes 2

Quotes about not studying school work on the Sabbath

Quotes (LDS Daily WOOL)


Promises for Sabbath Day Observance:

General Conference

"The Sabbath Day” - Mark E. Petersen (good)

"The Sabbath Day and Sunday Shopping" - Earl C. Tingey

"The Sabbath is a Delight" - Russell M. Nelson

BYU Speeches

"Observing the Sabbath" - Ricks College - Susan Bednar (good)

"The Law of the Sabbath" - Earl C. Tingey

Additional Articles

"Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy" - by Elder Earl C. Tingey - Ensign

"Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy" - Ezra Taft Benson - Ensign

"Remember the Sabbath Day" - Ensign

"The Sabbath--A Delight" - Spencer W. Kimball - Ensign

"The Sabbath--Holy Day or Holiday?" - Ensign

Mormonads / New Era Posters


"Listen Up"

"Take it Personally"

Mormonads for Sabbath

Lessons in Church Manuals

"Honoring the Sabbath and the Sacrament" - Teachings of Presidents of the Church - Brigham Young

Family Home Evening Lessons and Resources

"I will keep the Sabbath day Holy" (PDF)

Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy (PDF) "Sabbath" (FHE Resource Book) Making the Sabbath Better for Children

Sabbath Day (PDF)

Sabbath Day Observance - (Activities, ideas, quotes, FHE, etc. -

Library Books and Cds

"The Sabbath: His Gift to Us, Our Gift to Him" - Susan Easton Black, and other authors (4 CDs, or e-book)