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LDS.org: All General Conference Talks on Temples

LDS.org: General Conference Talks about Temple Square

LDS.org: General Conference Talks about Temple Work

LDS.org: Resources for teaching Children about Temples

LDS.org: Gospel Topics: Temples

LDS.org: "Blessings of the Temple"

LDS.org: Temples

General Resources

As a Protection for Your Children, Attend the Temple Often

Between Two Worlds

Children born in the covenant (or sealed later to parents)

Chronological list of Temple Dedications


See: Covenants

LDS Church Temples.com

Vaughn J. Featherstone shares a personal temple story  --   Wheelchair story

Vaughn J. Featherstone shares a personal temple story  --  Supreme Mortal Experience (Sacrifice)


Quotes on Temples and Temple Work

Quotes on Temples dotting the Earth

Temple Covenants (LDS Daily WOOL)

Temple Symbols  (LDS Daily WOOL)

Temple Worship  (LDS Daily WOOL)

Temple Worthy (LDS Daily WOOL)

BYU Speeches

"Cairns on the Path of Mortality" - J. Kelly Flanagan - BYU Dev. April 1, 2003 (good analogy for a talk or lesson)

"God Will Use You, God Will Bless You" - Dean M. Davies

"Heavenly Powers" - Carlos E. Asay

"Holy Places" - Kevin J. Worthen

"Making Temple Worship a Pattern in Your Life" - Ronald A. Rasband

"Temple Blessings" - Robert D. Hales

"That All Their Outgoings from This House May Be in the Name of the Lord" - S. Michael Wilcox - BYU Women's Conf.


Promises connected with Temple attendance:

General Conference

"Personal Temple Worship," -  David B. Haight

"Preparing Our Families For the Temple" -  Carol B. Thomas

"Receive the Temple Blessings" -  Richard G. Scott

"The Temple, the Priesthood,"  - Boyd K. Packer

"The Temple of the Lord," -  Thomas S. Monson

Additional Articles

"An Eye Single: Blessings of the Temple," - Wendy L. Watson -  Ensign

"How Can We Make the Most of Temple Attendance" - Elder Richard G. Scott - New Era

"Prepare for Blessings of the Temple,"   Russell M. Nelson  -  Ensign

"Preparing for Your Temple Endowment" -  February  1987 New Era  (Special Issue)

"The Importance of the Temple for Living Members" - Dean L. Larsen - Ensign

"The Temple and the Natural Order of Marriage - Elder Bruce Hafen of the Seventy - Ensign

"The Temple and the Atonement"   --   Truman G. Madsen   (link to Meridian Magazine)

"The Temple and the Mysteries of Godliness - Truman G. Madsen, May 9, 2012 (Meridian Magazine)

"The Temple and the Mysteries of Godliness: Receiving Christ Fully - Truman G. Madsen, May 9, 2012 (Meridian Magazine)

"The Temple Garment"  -  Carlos E. Asay- Ensign

"The Things of Eternity—Stand We in Jeopardy?"  -  Pres. Spencer W. Kimball - Ensign

Mormonads / New Era Posters

"Set Your Sights" (With an eye single to His glory, prepare yourself for temple blessings)

CES Fireside

 "Young Adults and the Temple" -  Russell M. Nelson

Family Home Evening Lessons


"Temples" lesson

Library Books and Books on CD

"House of Glory" - S. Michael Wilcox

"The Contrite Spirit" - (2015) by Bruce and Marie Hafen (former President and Matron of the St. George Temple - (How the Temple helps us apply Christ's Atonement)

"The Holy Temple" - Boyd K. Packer