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Top Resources (each leads to many more resources) General Conference Talks on Family History Gospel Topics: Family History Teaching Children about Family History (stories/activities/media)

LDS Media Library: Family and Family History--Picture Quotes Search Results for Family History

Help Center for Family History Questions

General Resources

An Untapped LDS Treasure

BYU Family History Portal

Chart Showing Effect of Family History on Convert Retention

Family Coat of Arms Idea

Family History Bulletin Board Ideas

Family History Center Ideas

Family History Training Guide

Family History Makes You Smarter!

Family History Username and Password Sheet

Family Picture Screen Saver Idea

Genealogy Free Stuff (free printable forms, etc.)

Humorous Sketch

Index to Public Works Account Books

Journals - there are many free journal pages online for children for FHE, summer activity, Primary Activity-Days (do google search)

LDS Baptismal Records

Meridian magazine Family History Articles

Mormon Migration Website

Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel

Mormons and Their Neighbors


Names:  Popularity of names during different years since 1879 (link to Social Security site)

Parable of the Keys  (used by permission of author Michael Wilcox) (PDF)

Remembering Those Who Wait

Repaying a Debt 150 Years Later

Saviors on Mount Zion

Scriptures on Redeeming the Dead

Selected LDS Family and Local History Sources at the Church History Libary

Special Christmas Present

Thirteen Articles of No Faith   (humorous)

Thomas Briggs

Time and Date Calendar

Time Capsule  -  Fun link - type in someone's birthdate  -  get info about that day and year

Tips for writing your Personal History (FamilySearch Wiki)

Uncle Gilberto's Memory

Who Turned My Head?

Youth Indexing Project


A year's worth of FH Quotes for the Ward Sunday Bulletin

A 2nd year's worth of FH Quotes for the Ward Bulletin

Printable Quote from Archibald F. Bennett foreseeing the future of Family History Work - 1947 Church News

Promises for those who faithfully attend to Temple Work

Quote about Time Being Expanded

Quotes - 1

Quotes - 2

Quotes about being Saviors on Mount Zion

Quotes about Family History  (LDS Daily WOOL)

Quotes about Keeping a Journal   (LDS Daily Wool)

Quotes about Histories/Journals

Quotes about Receiving Help from the Other Side

Quotes about the importance of doing work for your own family

Quotes about Technology and Family History

Quotes on Accurate Temple Work

General Conference Talks

"Happiness and Joy in Temple Work" - Franklin D. Richards

"Hearts Bound Together" - Elder Henry B. Eyring

"Our Kindred Family--Expression of Eternal Love" - J. Richard Clarke

"Search for Identity" - Monte Brough  (need for good role models from past)


6 Page Promises Handout For Temple Work (PDF)

6 Page Promises Handout For Temple Work (Docx)


"Grandma's Disease"

"My Dream"--by Alice S. Fedden

"Old Echoes from a Family Reunion"

"Subject:  Census"

The Elusive Ancestor (Humorous Poem)

"We Need You"

Family History Posters

They will be FOREVER grateful

Use Your Temple Recommend

BYU Speeches

"The Value of a Good Name" - L. Tom Perry

Lane Fischer tells about his ancestors

"A Good Name--A Priceless Possession" - Sharon Samuelson

Ensign Articles

"A Temple-Motivated People" - Pres. Hunter - Ensign

"Family History:  In Wisdom and in Order" - Dallin H. Oaks (busy young parents) - Ensign

Family Home Evening Helps--Five Family History Activities - Ensign)

"Finding Ancestors, Uniting a Ward" - Ensign

Grandpa Wrote a Book (short idea - Ensign--Scroll down in Random Sampler) 

"Helping Each Other Succeed in Family History" - Ensign

"It's All Been Done"- Ensign

"Seagoing Saints" - Ensign (experiences of the Saints crossing the ocean)

"The Doctrine of Temple Work" - David E. Sorensen - Ensign

"The Joy of Family History Work" - Quentin L. Cook - Feb. 2016 Ensign

"The Parents You Have Not Known" - Ensign (adopted girl finds birth family)

"The Things of Eternity—Stand We in Jeopardy?" - Pres. Spencer W. Kimball - Ensign

"Using Family History as a Missionary Tool" - Ensign

"We Have a Work to Do" - President Howard W. Hunter - Ensign

"Your Family History: Getting Started" - Boyd K. Packer - Ensign

New Era Articles / Youth

"Idea List: Making History" - New Era

Invitation to The Rising Generation

"Jazz Up Your Journal", New Era

"My Jeep Is History Too" - New Era

"Saving the Stories" - New Era

Where in History Is Josh Taylor?" -  New Era  (young boy expert)

"Why Study History?" New Era

"Family History - An Invitation" - Elder David A. Bednar

"Find Our Cousins" - Elder Neil L. Anderson - Roots Tech Family History Conference

Youth and Family History

Mormon Ads and New Era Posters

"Get to Know an Old Friend"

"Get into Family History"

"Write Here -- Write Now"

"Simply keep a journal"

"Save Your Life"

"Family Ties"

"Hang Out with Your Family" "Invest in Bonds" "Do Your Homework"

Mormonads for Family History

Lessons in Church Manuals

"Finding Joy in Temple and Family History Work"

"Our Temple and Family History Responsibilities"

Introduction to Family History Student Manual - Religion 261

A Member's Guide to Temple and Family History Work Manual

Family Home Evening Lessons

"Family History" - FHE Resource Book

"Family History" (LDSLiving)

Library Books and CDs

"Bridging Heaven and Earth" by Meg Johnson

Pics and Quotes

family history quote russell nelson

family history quote about being remembered

family history quote experience joy

family histoy quote david bednar

family history thomas monson

family history quote wendy watson nelson

family history quote boyd k packer

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