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Missionary Stories/Articles by Country

Cumorah website: International Resources for LDS

Facts and Statistics by region and country - LDS.org Newsroom


"African Converts Without Baptism" - BYU Devotional

"BYU in the New Millennium" - Merrill J. Bateman

"Gospel Pioneers in Africa" - Ensign

"Seekers of Truth" - Steven E. Snow - BYU Devotional

"The Ends of the Earth Shall Inquire After Thy Name" - BYU


"Because My Father Read the Book of Mormon" - Gen. Conf.

Conversion Story from Rio de Janeiro (from a BYU Devotional)

"Gather to the Temple" - Ensign

Priceless Principles of Success - Elder Claudio R. M. Costa shared in Gen. Conf.


Attitude - "Our Attitudes Control Our Lives" - President Monson 

Experience of M. Russell Ballard while serving as mission president 

Fasting in the Hospital - Thomas S. Monson - Gen. Conf.

How Do We Show Our Love

Labels and Perceptions (President Monson)

Letter from George H. Watson - experience with Pres. Monson

President Monson shares a missionary experience

She Threw Off Her Bandages


"David led the Way" - Ensign (miraculous healing in Chili Antofagasta Mission)

"The Book of Mormon changed our Missions"

Small Things


Conversion in Ecuador


Ballard's Missionary Debate  "He Shall Teach You All Things"

Ezra Taft Benson learns obedience as a young missionary (following counsel)

Gordon B. Hinckley - mission

Karl G. Maeser learns humility

Missionary Experiences of Gordon B. Hinckley

We'll bring the world His Truth - Story of Hugh B. Brown


Conversion experience shared by Janet Scharman at a BYU Dev.

Missionary experiences  (difficult and good) - Bruce Hafen


Give Me Pineapple


"Laie--A Destiny Prophesied" - July 1994 Ensign

Missionary Praying to like Native Food

"The Wrong Call was the Right Call" - Church News - 'Missionary Moment'


"Why was it so hard to learn Italian?" - Ensign (scroll down)


"The Force of Family Prayer"

"The Memory of my father's faith"


"Doing Good and Being Good" - Harold C. Brown (excerpt from BYU Women's Conf.)

Glimpse of Glory - H. Burke Peterson

Learning From Our Mistakes - Rex and Janet Lee

Revelation - General Authorities' experiences while creating new stakes (excerpt from BYU Dev. by Ted E. Brewerton)

Story shared by President Gordon B. Hinckley


In the Lord's Own Way - Russell M. Nelson

New Zealand: Matthew Cowley and the Maories


Discovering Gospel Riches in Portugal - Ensign

President Eyring Announces "Great Blessing" for Portuguese-Speaking Saints - Church News Sept. 15, 2015

Puerto Rico:

"My Life Has Changed" (package stolen from woman--thief read BofM--was converted)


Experience of Dallin Oaks' great-grandfather while on his mission

Honeymoon Stage of Companionship

Speaking Words I Didn't Understand


David O. McKay Learns to "Act Well His Part"

Here we Stand - Bruce R. McConkie (on bearing testimony of Joseph Smith)

South America:

Sacrifice and Self-Sufficiency


"Cast Your Bread" - Richard H. Cracroft - Ensign

Contact Lens story - shared by Richard Cracroft at a BYU Dev.

Contact Lens Story - Part II (from BYU Dev.)


He Threw Away His Cane

Tongan Saints (by Jeffrey R. Holland)

United States of America:

Central States Mission: Of Seeds and Soils

Eastern States Mission: Ezra T. Benson learns a lesson as a Missionary  (humility-giving credit to God)

Florida: Marks of a Man

Illinois: Ezra T. Benson learns a lesson in humility, as a Missionary (giving credit to God)

Gift of Healing - Wilford Woodruff (many healings in Montrose by J. Smith & others)

Nebraska: "I will Go Before Your Face" - A small missionary miracle in Nebraska (Deseret News)

New England Area: Stand Steady-Fear and Faith turn the other cheek--don't fight back - Boyd K. Packer

New York: "One by One" - experience shared in Gen. Conf. by former Mission President Ronald Rasband

Ohio: Future Returns from a Good Deed  (true story shared at a BYU Dev.)

Texas: Jello Christmas


Speak From the Heart (Kathleen Barnes' experience with verbal abuse (excerpt from a BYU Women’s Conf.)

"The Violin" - a story of sacrifice - President Thomas S. Monson

Who am I?


Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ (story of a missionary's faith) - Gene R. Cook