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Parables, Analogies and Stories that Teach

Baptism Analogy

Blurred Vision

Bucket and Dipper


Currant Bush - Hugh B. Brown

Currant Bush - Hugh B. Brown (Video of the Story)

Gospel Perspective - an Analogy

"Grandma's Cake"

Lance Wickman shares a military experience  (digging foxholes) - BYU-Idaho Dev.

Parable of the Keys (PDF)

Parable of the Rose

Putting on the whole armor of God  (teaching idea)

Quick Decisions

Spiritual Eclipse (Analogy by Gary L. Stevenson)

Taking Medicine Parable

The Art Collector and His Son

The Drug Store

"The Earrings" - January 2007 Ensign

"The Fence"

The Parable of the Forgiving Landlord

The Path I Follow

The Treasure    (parable of the little girl and the pearl necklace)

Tragedy at Rayad

Which Wolf will You Choose?

"You'll Grow Into It" - Joseph B. Wirthlin experience