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Tips On Parenting

1.    PRAY every single day for God's help in your parenting.    
How foolish for us to tackle this important job alone when such expert help is there just for the asking. In today's world, we need divine help more than ever.

"You need more than your own wisdom in rearing [your children].  You need the help of the Lord. Pray for that help and follow the inspiration which you receive."

Gordon B. Hinckley  ("The Fabric and Faith of Testimony," Oct. 1995 Gen. Conf.) 

2.    One family hangs or places a picture of the Savior on or above each television, CD or tape player, etc. as a reminder each time they watch TV or a video or play music---a reminder to ask themselves,  "Would the Savior approve of this show or music?"   

3.    Daily Family Prayer:  Remember that sending your children out each day without Family Prayer is like sending them out in a snowstorm without any coat.  Please give them that protection.  It is so quick and easy.  Many families mention praying separately with each child if necessary, when they leave at different times in the morning and again at bedtime.

Also:  Much teaching can be accomplished through Family Prayer--as your children hear you pray for others by name that are having problems; giving gratitude and thanks for specific blessings; praying for good political leaders with wisdom and integrity; praying for medical researchers to discover cures for cancer, etc.; praying for ward leaders and teachers; praying for God's help in being good parents; praying that the children may stay worthy to go to the temple and serve missions; etc.

Family Prayer 

4.    Protect Your Children Through Frequent Temple Attendance
"I realized that the blessings offered in this sacred place [the Temple] provide help needed by every parent in raising children today."

Patricia P. Pinegar  "Caring for the Souls of Children"  

5.    Post an uplifting or motivational thought on the refrigerator each day.

6.    Family Home Evening:  "An ounce of Prevention is worth a pound of Cure."  Do it--even if it is just ten minutes long!  There are many wonderful promises associated with holding FHE. 
FHE Promises 

7.    Teaching Children to be Charitable and Unselfish:

Ensign Article Idea

One family talks about this subject each month at FHE (perhaps the one following Fast Sunday--to remember more easily).  As a family, they decide how much they are able to give each month to help the poor and the needy (from $5-$50 or whatever, depending on their circumstances).  Then each month they talk about different people they know who might need some help.  They might choose one month to buy a case of vegetables on sale, leave it on someone's porch, with a note "from the food storage fairy."  Or mittens and hat for someone at the children's school who hasn't enough warm clothing.  The idea was to involve the children and get them thinking about other's needs by discussing various people's problems; then to have them feel the excitement and joy that comes from helping others and seeing firsthand the happiness they can create.  This can also lead to family service projects for the elderly and ill.


Teachers and leaders are always remembering the children on their birthdays and Christmas, and all too often children just take, take, take, without learning to appreciate and give.  Help your children to find out the birthdays of their primary teacher and the Bishop, etc.  Help them to plan and make a little something for these birthdays and to tell all the other children in the class about the birthday.  It makes more work for the parents, but is worth it in the long run to raise a caring child. (The Law of Decreasing and Increasing Returns)

Teach Your Children

Teach your children to pray for their teachers and leaders and the prophet.  Talk to them about all the work it takes to prepare a lesson and activities and how much the family appreciates all that the teacher does.   Talk about how the teacher must feel when the children behave or misbehave.  Teach understanding of people's feelings--both adults and other children. The children will be more well-behaved in class if they are taught to love and appreciate their 

Set an Example

Story of Two Dimes and a Nickel

8.   Help the children learn who they really are, so that they will live up to their greatness:

        "Child of God" 
        "Who Am I" 
        "Chosen Generation Quotes" 

9.  Teach Your Children to Work: "Those who do too much for their children will soon find they can do nothing with their children. So many children have been so much done for they are almost done in."

Neal A. Maxwell "The Man of Christ" - General Conference, April 1975

10.  Tell Your Children That You Love Them: "To all fathers and mothers of the Church, tell your children that you love them and that you are so happy to have them in your family."

Patricia P. Pinegar  "Caring for the Souls of Children"  

11.  Parents, love each other:

"The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother, and the most important thing a mother can do for her children is to love their father."

Show affection towards each other in front of your children.  If there are negative feelings between parents, children feel anxiety and insecurity. 

12. Wedding Anniversary Gift:

A mother of married children started the tradition of giving her married children a good book (or tape set or CD set) on marriage or parenting on their wedding anniversary (giving the same one to every family during that year). She said that reading many books during the year (in order to choose the best one to give) strengthens her own marriage as well!