pride makes us artificial, humility makes us real

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General Resources

Ezra T. Benson learns a lesson as a missionary

George Goddard Story   (about collecting rags in pioneer days)

Humility  (see also):

President Ezra Taft Benson's  Classic Conference Address on Pride

Ship - Lighthouse story

Spiritual Eclipse (Analogy by Gary L. Stevenson)

"When White Shirts Turn Gray" (story of a missionary who learned humility)



Quotes   (LDS Daily WOOL)

Quotes on Pride with large printable PDF

BYU Speeches

"A Child of God" - Henry B. Eyring

"A Disease Called Pride" - Theodore M. Burton (audio only)

"Are Ye Stripped of Pride" - Kim B. Clark

"Lessons of Pride and Glory from the Doctrine and Covenants"

"Search Me, O God, and Know My Heart" - BYU-Hawaii


"The Indispensable Man"

Additional Articles

"A Disease Called Pride" -  Theodore M. Burton -  Ensign

"Pride: A Challenge from Within" - Stephen D. Nadauld - Ensign

Family Home Evening Lessons and Stories

"The Boasting Traveler" (He who does a thing well does not need to boast)

"The Proud Rose" (Be a friend to those in need)

The Zen Archer (Always stay humble)