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General Resources

Ezra T. Benson learns a lesson as a Missionary  (humility-giving credit to God)

Humility Cartoons

Karl G. Maeser learns humility

Pride   (see also)

The High Place

"Two Geese and a Tortoise"

"Two Missionaries" - Devin G. Durrant (excerpt from Priesthood Session Gen. Conf.)

"When White Shirts Turn Gray" (story of a missionary taught humility)

Worst Lesson I Ever Heard



Quotes  (LDS Daily WOOL)

General Conference Talks

"Be Thou Humble" - Steven E. Snow - April 2016

"Beware of Pride" - Ezra Taft Benson - April 1989

"To Walk Humbly with Thy God" - Marlin K. Jensen


Humility / Meekness Poems

The Vessel

BYU Speeches

"Are Ye Stripped of Pride?" - Kim B. Clark

"Be Honest, Be Pure, Be Humble" - Jack H. Goaslind

"Civility, Humility, and the Quest for Understanding - 2015 (audio only)

"Humility" - Spencer W. Kimball (audio only)

Additional Articles

"The Empowerment of Humility" - Richard C. Edgley - Liahona

"To Walk Humbly with Thy God" - Marlin K. Jensen - Liahona

"Words of Jesus: Humility" - Liahona

Mormon Ads and New Era Posters

"Heart Broken?"

"Pop to the Top" - Soften Your Heart

Family Home Evening Lessons

FHE: "Humility" (FHE Resource Book at