Selfishness / Unselfishness

selfishness or unselfishness

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Top Resources (each leads to many more resources) Media Library: Selfishness

General Conference

"Greed, Selfishness, and Overindulgence" - Joe J. Christensen

"Repent of (our) Selfishness" - Neal A. Maxwell

"What's in it for Me?" - James E. Faust

General Resources

Sermon by Frederic W. Farrar

Shoes - (Story of Ghandi)

"Shoe's on other foot for Generous Students  (Deseret News)

The Hospital Window

The 11th Box

The Miraculous Sack of Flour




"My Neighbor's Roses"

Poem - "Don't Give Up" - written by the mother of an organ donor  (Dear Abby column)

"The Man Who Couldn't Save"

Additional Resources

"Cast your bread....."   (Story of sharing milk)  -  Ensign

Church Magazine articles on Selfishness

"Selfishness vs. Selflessness" - Ensign

"Two Dimes and a Nickel" - A Bishop's experience - Ensign 

Church Manuals

Lessons on Selfishness


Videos about Selfishness

Family Home Evening Lessons and Stories

"Selfishness" ( FHE Resource Book)

"The Miser and His Gold" (A possession is only worth what it is used for)

"The Other Side of the Wall" (All your good actions benefit others)

"The Tortoise and the Bird" (Think of others, don't be selfish)