Selfishness / Unselfishness

selfishness or unselfishness

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Top Resources (each leads to many more resources) Media Library: Selfishness

General Conference

"Greed, Selfishness, and Overindulgence" - Joe J. Christensen

"Repent of (our) Selfishness" - Neal A. Maxwell

"What's in it for Me?" - James E. Faust

General Resources

Sermon by Frederic W. Farrar

Shoes - (Story of Ghandi)

"Shoe's on other foot for Generous Students  (Deseret News)

The Hospital Window

The 11th Box

The Miraculous Sack of Flour




"My Neighbor's Roses"

Poem - "Don't Give Up" - written by the mother of an organ donor  (Dear Abby column)

"The Man Who Couldn't Save"

Additional Resources

"Cast your bread....."   (Story of sharing milk)  -  Ensign

Church Magazine articles on Selfishness

"Selfishness vs. Selflessness" - Ensign

"Two Dimes and a Nickel" - A Bishop's experience - Ensign 

Church Manuals

Lessons on Selfishness


Videos about Selfishness

Family Home Evening Lessons and Stories

"Selfishness" ( FHE Resource Book)

"The Miser and His Gold" (A possession is only worth what it is used for)

"The Tortoise and the Bird" (Think of others, don't be selfish)