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Church of Jesus Christ - Scriptures on Education

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Children's Book List (by Topic / Category)

Church of Jesus Christ - Lesson Helps for Teaching Children

Church of Jesus Christ - Resources for teaching Children about Education / School

"Drink of the Living Water"   (excerpt from Dallin Oaks BYU Dev.)

Education for Eternity - President Spencer W. Kimball

Excerpt about the Importance of Education (as it pertains to growth and retention in the Church) - Merrill Bateman

Not postponing marriage or children for educational pursuits or money

Short story shared by President Thomas S. Monson at a BYU Dev.

Socrates and the young student 

"We recognize your potential" - excerpt from Pres. Faust - BYU Dev.

What is Your Ratio of Education vs. Entertainment?

Where Will This Lead?

Free University Courses

Free Harvard Courses

List of Free online College Courses

Saylor Academy (Free Education)

Stanford Free Courses

The Open University

850+ Free College Credit Courses


Creative Thinking

Parable of the Retake

Quotes Some Classic Quotes on Education 

Quotes - 1

Quotes - 2

Quotes about the importance of Reading/Books

Quotes by Leaders about Seminary and Institute Attendance

Quotes on Education with large printable PDF

Quotes on Education (LDS Daily WOOL)

Quotes on Learning (LDS Daily WOOL)

Quotes on not studying secular material on the Sabbath


Wisdom's Haunts

General Conference Talks

Brethren, We Have Work to Do - D. Todd Christofferson - October 2012

Discovering the Divinity Within - Rosemary M. Wixom - October 2015

Fathers - D. Todd Christofferson - April 2016

Meeting the Challenges of Today's World - Robert D. Hales - Oct. 2015

One Step Closer to the Savior - Russell T. Osguthorpe - October 2012

Parents: The Prime Gospel Teachers of Their Children - Tad R. Callister - October 2014

Prepared in a Manner That Never Had Been Known - Linda K. Burton - October 2014

Seek Learning: You Have a Work to Do - April 2012 - Mary N. Cook

Teaching Helps Save Lives - Russell T. Osguthorpe - October 2009

Two Principles for Any Economy - Dieter F. Uchtdorf - October 2009

Watching with All Perservence - David A. Bednar - April 2020

BYU Speeches

A Child of God - Henry B. Eyring - October 21, 1997

Acquiring Spiritual Knowledge - Richard G. Scott - August 17, 1993

An Education of the Whole Soul - C. Terry Warner - November 11, 2008

Centering Your Education on the Savior - Kelly Eyring - April 24, 2018

Education-A Religious Responsibilty - Russell M. Nelson - January 26, 2010

Facing the Algebras of Life - Peggy S. Worthen - September 12, 2017

Faith and Science: Symbiotic Pathways to Truth - Jamie L. Jensen - November 3, 2020

Humility, Hope, and the Work of Becoming Educated - Drew Gilpin Faust - March 30, 2021

Gain Spiritual Intelligence - David A. Bednar - September 9, 1997 

Inspiring Learning - Kevin J. Worthen - August 22, 2016

Lift Up Thine Eyes to the Mountains - Kristine Hansen - July 3, 2001

On Being Teachable - Kate Kirkham - May 19, 1987

Our Eternal Education - Nancy Wentworth - November 27, 2021

The Joy of Education and Lifelong Learning - James D. Gordon III - March 15, 2013

The Second Century of BYU - Pres. Spencer W. Kimball - October 10, 1975

What it Means to Be Educated - Eboo Patel - October 20, 2020

Additional Articles and Talks

A Social Compact for Wealth Preservation (Pass on Values and Education) Apostles Emphasize Value of Education Education: A High Priority Education and the Restoration Education is a Commandment

"Latter-day Saints and Science" - (Meridian Magazine)

"Learning and Latter-day Saints" - Dallin H. Oaks

Passing Knowledge and Values to the Next Generation

"Seek Learning--even by Study and also by Faith" - Pres. Spencer W. Kimball - Ensign

"Strenthen Faith as You Seek Knowledge" - Quentin L. Cook

"The Gospel Vision of the Arts" - Spencer W. Kimball

"The Power of Diligent Learning" - Elder Jay E. Jensen - Ensign

Church Lessons

"The Charted Course of the Church in Education" - PDF

Youth: Real-Life Education

Youth: Seek Learning

Mormon Ads and New Era Posters

"You CAN Take It With You" (knowledge and intelligence)


Scriptures on Learning and Knowledge

FHE Lessons

"Knowledge" (LDSLiving)

"Learning" (LDSLivng)

"Learning" - FHE Resource Book

Quotes and Pics

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