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Missionary Stories/Articles by Country

Cumorah website: International Resources for LDS

Facts and Statistics by region and country - LDS.org Newsroom


"African Converts Without Baptism" - BYU Devotional

"BYU in the New Millennium" - Merrill J. Bateman

"Gospel Pioneers in Africa" - Ensign

"Seekers of Truth" - Steven E. Snow - BYU Devotional

"The Ends of the Earth Shall Inquire After Thy Name" - BYU

This Day - Elder Ronald A. Rasband


"Because My Father Read the Book of Mormon" - Gen. Conf.

Conversion Story from Rio de Janeiro (from a BYU Devotional)

"Gather to the Temple" - Ensign

Priceless Principles of Success - Elder Claudio R. M. Costa shared in Gen. Conf.


Attitude - "Our Attitudes Control Our Lives" - President Monson 

Experience of M. Russell Ballard while serving as mission president 

Fasting in the Hospital - Thomas S. Monson - Gen. Conf.

How Do We Show Our Love

Labels and Perceptions (President Monson)

Letter from George H. Watson - experience with Pres. Monson

President Monson shares a missionary experience

She Threw Off Her Bandages


"A Robbery, a Book, and a Testimony" - January 2007 Ensign

"David led the Way" - Ensign (miraculous healing in Chili Antofagasta Mission)

"The Book of Mormon changed our Missions"

Small Things

Costa Rica:

Costa Rica Conversion Story


Conversion in Ecuador

Ecuador Conversion Story

El Salvador:

Article about temple in El Salvador


Ballard's Missionary Debate  "He Shall Teach You All Things"

Ezra Taft Benson learns obedience as a young missionary (following counsel)

Gordon B. Hinckley - mission

Hugh B. Brown at the back door

Karl G. Maeser learns humility

Missionary Experiences of Gordon B. Hinckley

We'll bring the world His Truth - Story of Hugh B. Brown


Conversion experience shared by Janet Scharman at a BYU Dev.

Missionary experiences  (difficult and good) - Bruce Hafen


Give Me Pineapple


"Laie--A Destiny Prophesied" - July 1994 Ensign

Missionary Praying to like Native Food

"The Wrong Call was the Right Call" - Church News - 'Missionary Moment'


"Why was it so hard to learn Italian?" - Ensign (scroll down)


"The Force of Family Prayer"

"The Memory of my father's faith"


"Doing Good and Being Good" - Harold C. Brown (excerpt from BYU Women's Conf.)

Glimpse of Glory - H. Burke Peterson

Learning From Our Mistakes - Rex and Janet Lee

Revelation - General Authorities' experiences while creating new stakes (excerpt from BYU Dev. by Ted E. Brewerton)

Story shared by President Gordon B. Hinckley


In the Lord's Own Way - Russell M. Nelson

New Zealand: Matthew Cowley and the Maories


Discovering Gospel Riches in Portugal - Ensign

President Eyring Announces "Great Blessing" for Portuguese-Speaking Saints - Church News Sept. 15, 2015

Puerto Rico:

"My Life Has Changed" (package stolen from woman--thief read BofM--was converted)


Experience of Dallin Oaks' great-grandfather while on his mission

Honeymoon Stage of Companionship

Speaking Words I Didn't Understand


David O. McKay Learns to "Act Well His Part"

Here we Stand - Bruce R. McConkie (on bearing testimony of Joseph Smith)

South America:

Sacrifice and Self-Sufficiency


"Cast Your Bread" - Richard H. Cracroft - Ensign

Contact Lens story - shared by Richard Cracroft at a BYU Dev.

Contact Lens Story - Part II (from BYU Dev.)

Healing at the Luzern Opera House with a Priesthood blessing-- Richard Cracroft - BYU Dev.


Tahiti Story


He Threw Away His Cane

Tongan Saints (by Jeffrey R. Holland)

United States of America:

Central States Mission: Of Seeds and Soils

Eastern States Mission: Ezra T. Benson learns a lesson as a Missionary  (humility-giving credit to God)

Florida: Marks of a Man

Illinois: Ezra T. Benson learns a lesson in humility, as a Missionary (giving credit to God)

Gift of Healing - Wilford Woodruff (many healings in Montrose by J. Smith & others)

Nebraska: "I will Go Before Your Face" - A small missionary miracle in Nebraska (Deseret News)

New England Area: Stand Steady-Fear and Faith turn the other cheek--don't fight back - Boyd K. Packer

New York: "One by One" - experience shared in Gen. Conf. by former Mission President Ronald Rasband

Ohio: Future Returns from a Good Deed  (true story shared at a BYU Dev.)

Pennsylvania: Why Did I Join the Church

Texas: Jello Christmas


Speak From the Heart (Kathleen Barnes' experience with verbal abuse (excerpt from a BYU Women’s Conf.)

"The Violin" - a story of sacrifice - President Thomas S. Monson

Who am I?


Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ (story of a missionary's faith) - Gene R. Cook