Thought Control / As A Man Thinkethas a man thinketh

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General Conference

Balm of Gilead - Boyd K. Packer

Inspiring Music—Worthy Thoughts - Boyd K. Packer

Pollution of the Mind - Robert L. Simpson

The Power of Self-Mastery - James E. Faust

The Spirit of Revelation - Boyd K. Packer

General Resources

Resist Evil Thoughts

Stephen Covey Story on Thoughts

Scriptures Guide to the Scriptures: Topic Thoughts


Quotes 1

Quotes 2

Thoughts on Thoughts

Quotes on Thoughts with large printable PDF


Direct Your Thoughts in Wholesome Paths - Elder Dallin H. Oaks (good analogy) (1:46)

Watch Your Thoughts - Henry B. Eyring (1:17)

BYU Speeches

As a Man Thinketh - Robert J. Parsons

Of Starfish and Destinies

Stones in the Wall - H. Burke Peterson

The Desires of Our Hearts - Dallin H. Oaks

The Talent of Spirituality

Think on Christ - President Ezra Taft Benson

Thoughts about Thoughts - Dean L. Larsen

Purify Your Thoughts - H. Burke Peterson


All the Water in the World

The Effect of a Thought

The Words

Additional Articles

Clean Thoughts, Pure Lives - Ensign

Questions & Answers: Controlling Your Thoughts - 2014 New Era

Think About What You are Thinking About - Ensign

You are the Master of Your Thoughts - Linda S. Reeves - 2015 Church News (good analogy by Elder Bednar)

Mormonads / New Era Posters

Get it Together

Mental Floss

Spotless Future

Mormonads for Thought Control

Lessons in Church Manuals

Pure Thoughts: Clean Language - Aaronic Priesthood

Purity of Thought - Priesthood Manual

Purity of Thought - Relief Society

Thoughts and Language - Aaronic Priesthood

Worthy Thoughts - YW Manual

Family Home Evening Lessons

I Can Be Pure and Righteous - Primary Manual

Object Lesson: Protecting our Mind

Self-control (FHE Resource Book at

Library Books and Books on CD

What on Earth are You Thinking? - Brad Wilcox