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General Resources

"A Classic Example" (Receive Joy and Blessings, Fill a Need, Make a Difference, Help Build the Kingdom)

A Different Perspective

A Missionary Inquires

Abuse (Some countries have a lot of abuse in their culture)

Adventures of the Spirit  (excerpts from talk by James M. Paramore)

Advice to a Convert Missionary whose parents disowned her - Marvin J. Ashton

Attitude - "Our Attitudes Control Our Lives" - President Monson

Ballard's Missionary Debate  "He Shall Teach You All Things"

Be of Good Cheer

"Cast Your Bread" - Richard H. Cracroft - Ensign

Changing Focus As Your Mission Progresses

Contact Lens story - shared by Richard Cracroft at a BYU Dev.

Contact Lens Story - Part II (from BYU Dev.)

Conversion in Ecuador

Conversion to the Will of God - Quentin L. Cook - April 2022

"Converts and Young Men" - Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley - Gen. Conf.

Currant Bush - Hugh B. Brown

Currant Bush - Hugh B. Brown (Video of the Story)

Costa Rica Conversion Story

David O. McKay Learns to "Act Well His Part"

Discover Your True Potential

"Doing Good and Being Good" - Harold C. Brown (excerpt from BYU Women's Conf.)

Don't Wait for Others to Make You Successful

Earning the Promised Rewards

Ecuador Conversion Story

Every Convert a Great and Serious Responsibility

Experience of M. Russell Ballard while serving as mission president

Experience of Dallin Oaks' great-grandfather while on his mission

Experience  of Max Pinegar while President of the Provo MTC

Ezra T. Benson learns a lesson in humility, as a Missionary (giving credit to God)

Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ (story of a missionary's faith) - Gene R. Cook

Faithfulness to the Lord

Fasting in the Hospital - Pres. Monson - Gen. Conf.

Focus on Serving

Future Returns from a Good Deed  (true story shared at a BYU Dev.)

Give Me Pineapple

Glimpse of Glory - H. Burke Peterson

Go to the Third Floor

God Has A Sense of Humor (Ab-Wheel Story) - Missionary Story from Derek W.

Gordon B. Hinckley - mission

He's Been There Before

How Do We Show Our Love

Hugh B. Brown at the back door

I'll Find You My Friend

"I will Go Before Your Face" - A small missionary miracle in Nebraska (Deseret News)

In the Lord's Own Way

In Everything Give Thanks

In the Path of Their Duty - David A. Bednar - October 2023

It's a Privilege to Serve a Mission - Vaughn J. Featherstone (excerpt)

Jello Christmas

Journal keeping while on your mission

Kathleen Barnes's experience with verbal abuse (excerpt from a BYU Women’s Conference)

Labels and Perceptions (President Monson)

Learning From Our Mistakes - Rex and Janet Lee

Letter from George H. Watson - experience with Pres. Monson

Lift Up Your Heart and Rejoice - Marcos A. Aidukaitis - April 2022

Love, Share, Invite - Gary E. Stevenson - April 2022

Marks of a Man

Missionary coming from a troubled family background  (Vaughn J. Featherstone)

Missionary experiences  (difficult and good) - Bruce Hafen

Missionary Experiences of Gordon B. Hinckley - Mission to Europe

Missionary Praying to like Native Food

New Mission Presidents Instructed

New Zealand: Matthew Cowley and the Maories

Not Speaking Ill of Others

Of Seeds and Soils (Results of Missionary Service)

"One by One" - experience shared in Gen. Conf. by a former mission president

Personal conversion experience in Germany shared by Janet Scharman at a BYU Dev.

"Personal Revelation" (Ted Brewerton, as Mission President - who a sister missionary would marry)

Personal Sacrifice

Power of Faith and Families 

President Gordon B. Hinckley (excerpts from talk in New York)

President Monson shares a missionary experience in Canada

Priceless Principles of Success - Elder Claudio R. M. Costa shared in Gen. Conf.

Pure Motives

Return With Honor

Revelation - General Authorities' experiences while creating new stakes (excerpt from BYU Dev. by Ted E. Brewerton)

Sacrifice and Self-Sufficiency

Sacrifice--Monte Brough

Small Things

Speaking Words I Didn't Understand

Stand Steady-Fear and Faith turn the other cheek--don't fight back - Boyd K. Packer

Staying Worthy

Strengthen Each Other  (President Gordon B. Hinckley on helping other missionaries)

Sustaining and Defending the Faith

Teach, teach, teach

The Gospel - A Global Faith  (President Howard W. Hunter)

"The Memory of my father's faith"

The Principle of Work

The Suit

The Way of the Adversary

Truman Madsen speaks to prospective missionaries at BYU

Too Numb To Know

Two Reasons Why the Spirit Withdraws

Watching out for South American Saints

We'll bring the world His Truth - Hugh B. Brown in England

Who am I?

Who Has Need of the Physician?

Why Did I Join the Church

Why Has it Taken Me So Long?

Work is Essential on a Mission

"You served a valiant mission.  Ask in Confidence"