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Contact Lens story - shared by Richard Cracroft at a BYU Dev.

Contact Lens Story - Part II (from BYU Dev.)

"The Force of Family Prayer"

See Also: Prayer

Book of Mormon

"The Book of Mormon changed our Missions"

See Also: Book of Mormon


"A Scientist finds a testimony"

"Absolute Truth" - President Spencer W. Kimball

Believing Heart (Testimony/Faith - The Lord does not compel our belief)

Boyd K. Packer excerpt about Testimony and the importance of bearing it

Can I Really Know?" - Experience by Boyd K. Packer on testimony (comparing to explaining salt)

David O. McKay Gains his testimony

Here we Stand - Bruce R. McConkie (on bearing testimony of Joseph Smith)

Loren C. Dunn excerpt from Gen. Conf.

President Merrill Bateman shares experience at BYU Dev.   (missionary struggling with testimony)

Teach Them to Testify (HOW to bear testimony) - Boyd K. Packer

Testimony Quotes

The Soil and Root of Testimony - excerpt from Gen. Conf. - Elder Carmack

"You Know It's True!" - Jan. 2016 Ensign (Latter-Day Saint Voices) 

See Also: Testimony


Ezra Taft Benson learns obedience as a young missionary (following counsel)

Fruits of Obedience - excerpt from BYU Fireside - Richard G. Scott

Marion G. Romney and Intelligent Obedience

Obedience prepares us to better serve God - Richard G. Scott

Learning Humility

Ezra T. Benson learns a lesson as a Missionary  (humility-giving credit to God)

Karl G. Maeser learns humility

Savior, may I love my brother....

"Two Missionaries"  - Devin G. Durrant (excerpt from Priesthood Session Gen. Conf.)

"When White Shirts Turn Gray"

Worst Lesson I Ever Heard

See Also: Humility

Healings / Missionary Miracles

"David led the Way" - Ensign (miraculous healing in Chili Antofagasta Mission)

Gift of Healing - Wilford Woodruff (many healings in Montrose by J. Smith & others)

He Threw Away His Cane

Missionary Miracles - Boyd K. Packer

"My Life Has Changed" (package stolen from woman--thief read BofM--was converted)

She Threw Off Her Bandages

"The Wrong Call was the Right Call" - Church News "Missionary Moment"

Converts / Conversion Stories

"A Convert's Courage" - President Gordon B. Hinckley - Ensign

A Very Special Day

Brother Sheffield's Conversion Story - Gen. Conf.

Faith of a Young Woman

From Greek Orthodox to Mormon

"Getting Back on Track" (converted through Primary)

Hartman Rector, Jr.'s Conversion Story

John Tanner Story - Conversion and Miraculous Healing, by N. Eldon Tanner

Loved Into The Church

Mexico Story  (story told by Pres. Hinckley in Gen. Conf.)

Mrs. Bader - Conversion Story

"My Journey as a Pioneer from India" - 2016 Ensign

"My Neighbor's Magazine" - Ensign (Ensign delivered to wrong house)

Personal conversion experience in Germany shared by Janet Scharman at a BYU Dev.

Quotes about Conversion (LDS Daily WOOL)

She was so happy!

Swedish Convert (story of bicycle, prayer, windstorm) - Richard Cracroft - BYU Dev.

Thomas S. Monson shares the story of the conversion of the Jacob de Jager family

"To the Friends and Investigators of the Church" - Gen. Conf.