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"Far, Far Away: Missionary Christmas Stories"

"Christmas within You" - Jeffrey R. Holland - Ensign

"Doorstep Nativity" - New Era

"Jello Christmas"

Analogies / Parables

Armor Analogy

Gospel Perspective - an Analogy

Runaway Ferris wheel - personal experience (& modern-day parable) shared by Spencer J. Condie

"Salt Analogy" / Testimony

"Seminary Donuts" (Atonement Analogy)

The Lonely Ember (reactivation)

The Room (Atonement Analogy)

Mormonads / New Era Posters

"Called to Share" (share online)

"Eternity is a Long Time..So Take Along a Friend. Share the Gospel Message Today"

"I'll Go Where you Want Me to Go"

"Joy Ride"

"Let Us Give You a Hand"

"Missionary Preparation"

"Missionary Training Center"

"Picture Yourself"

"Search and Rescue"

"Sharing Time"


"Tag! You're It

"Take the Next Step"


Book of Gomer

Epistle to Letter Writers


Line of Authority

"No Excuse" Sunday


Object Lessons

Showing How One Convert Multiplies to Many