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General Conference Talks

"Keeping Your Life in Balance" - M. Russell Ballard

General Resources

"A Great Tomorrow"

"A Practical Guide to Life"

All I Need to Know I Learned From Noah's Ark

Be Happy Where You Are

Big Rocks

Choose your battles wisely  --  Richard Carlson

"Grandma's Cake"

How to Survive the Business of Living

"I Believe"

If I Had My Life to Live Over  -  Erma Bombeck

Imagine Life is a Game...

Instructions for Life

I Shall Not Pass This Way Again

Isn't It Strange

I've Learned

"Joy in the Journey"

Leaving the City of Regret

Life's Struggles  (cocoon analogy--having to struggle to become strong) 

Thoughts on Living

"Looking for Nice"

Much in the Window, Nothing in the Stockroom


Real Life

Resolutions - by Ann Landers

Secrets of Life

Slow Me Down, Lord

The Best Day of my Life

The Choice  (choosing between what is easy and what is hard)

The Probationary Test of Mortality - Bruce R. McConkie)

The Road of Life

Things aren't always what they seem (2 angels)

Today.......Mend a quarrel

What Should You Do More of?

Which Wolf Will You Feed (Life's Inner Struggle)

Wisdom of the Ages

Why Are We Working So Hard? 



Quotes on Life with large printable PDF

Mormonads / New Era Posters

"We All Have Our Ups and Downs...."

"Make Your Own Fortune" (What you make of life is not chance)

"Life is an OPEN BOOK TEST"

Poems about Life and Living

"A Fence or an Ambulance"life

"A Poem about Life"

"A Psalm of Life"

"A Vow"

"Along the Way"

"An Easy World"

"Bear" Essentials for Life

"Brighten the Corner Where You Are"

"Coins" (keeping an eternal perspective)

"Comes the Dawn" 

"Count Your Blessings"

"Does it Pay"


"Eternal Ink"

Food for Thought

Funny, Isn't It?

Golden Rules for Living

"If Tomorrow Never Comes"

"If"  ('ll be a man, my son...)

"Look to This Day"

"Mirror, Mirror"

Slow Dance

The Builder

"The World We Make"

"Things Worth While"

"Two Pictures"

"Unfolding the Rosebud"

BYU Speeches

"Facing the Algebras of Life" - Peggy S. Worthen

Life--The Great Test" -  K. Fred Skousen

"Life Lessons from the Front" - Mitt Romney

"Living Life by Axioms"  -  Elder Robert D. Hales - BYU Graduation

"The Importance of Balance" -  W. Eugene Hansen

"What is Your Calling in Life"

Ensign Articles

"Filled with Life and Energy"

"Finding Your Life" - D. Todd Christofferson

"Life More Abundant"

"Living a Life of Peace Joy, and Purpose" - Richard G. Scott

"Navigating the Currents of Life"

New Era Articles

"Real-Life Education" - Henry B. Eyring

"The Quest for Happiness" - Jeffrey R. Holland

"What We Know about Premortal Life"

"We Believe in Being Positive" - Ensign

"What You Knew in Premortal Life"

"Why is Jesus Christ Important in My Life?"

Pics and Thoughts

Holland Life Quote